My First Experience with Casual Sex

Casual Sex

Be Present

While the first experience of casual sex might lead to repeated encounters, it could also be your last. Therefore, try to get the most from the session. Essentially, make sure that you are both prepared mentally and physically to adequately receive or give pleasure. Even though it might feel nervous, try hard to exercise common decency and show your partner that they are worth your time.

Let Your Actions Speak

Generally, most people mainly engage in casual sex to fulfill certain fantasies or attain satisfaction. Regardless of your desires, keep things modest. Never start giving way too many exaggerations about how great you are in bed or the things that you will do to your partner beforehand. Although it is important to discuss with your partner about your desires and what turns you on, take things lightly. Act normally according to your mutual feelings and what you are both comfortable with.

Practice Safe Sex

Whether you intend to have casual sex once or repeatedly, safety should always come first. This will save you from regrets after the affair. Therefore, forms of protection that you are comfortable with to avoid the risks of STDs and pregnancy.

Abiding by these rules will make your first casual sex experience thrilling. Nevertheless, make sure that you are both cool with it and ready to indulge.

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